About Green Hana

lifestyle aesthetics
Light the beauty of life, feel warmth from the heart-Green Hana
The end of the day's rush to go home, open the door, the entrance of the shoe on a warm light from the colorful colorful sprinkle side, let you fade tired tired
With a relaxed mood back to the room, the roses on the desk, still generous show angelic pure white petals
At bedtime, gently dial the switch, press the change button, colorful soft LED light, vaguely revealed by the petals
With the breathing light rhythm, your eyes slowly close, the dreamlike beauty of the light and shadow, into the deep dream.

greenhana, 呼吸燈, 七彩, 夜燈

Elegant and colorful

Green Hana's appearance is elegant and elegant rose, contains a pure white angel, pure cherry powder two colors, is the perfect home decoration, so that the beauty of flowers has always been there.
Hidden in the leaves between the petals, is a soft light LED, with seven light color changes, Green Hana can be a simple primary colors, it can be a changeable night light, with a variety of brilliant colors, rich Every corner of life.

greenhana, 天使白, 櫻花粉

Environmental protection

Green Hana is a light-control sensor products, in a low-light environment, as you approached automatically open, soft with you through every place.
The use of LED light source, with the advantages of energy saving, without consuming too much power, do not have too much packaging, so elegant rose light in the form of environmentally friendly and simple in life blooming.